Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Orbs of Light

My mother has been having some pretty interesting occurrences at her home in Wisconsin. She lives relatively in the middle of nowhere with scarce neighbors, however she has been getting visits from the non-physical kind. She has told me that she sees orbs often floating around, people, or she assumes are people walking about only to find out that the person roaming the kitchen had deceased 15 years ago.

I recently emailed a favorite podcast of mine retelling one of her many experiences and I was reminded of the Piezoelectricity effect that is able to explain these occurrences. They are natural phenomena that usually happen when there's a charge of electricity in the air (there have been recent storms, as well). When combined with the quartz or other crystals in the ground that expand or are stressed, sometimes due to variation in temperature, causes orbs of light and energy to be seen floating in the air. This has been used to explain the Marfa Lights, the Min Min, the Paulding Lights and many more. One group first conducted a study to investigate this phenomena in the New Jersey area, dubbed the Hookerman Lights, was a group called Vestigia. Local legend said a man had died there when a train had passed, and was seen trailing the tracks with his lantern, trying to keep others safe from a demise similar to his own. Their findings can be found in a section of this book.

I know there are tons of quartz crystals where my mom lives and they are easily found by just going into the river. They are quite beautiful and large, because my mom sent me a few as a gift a few months ago.

While I have found that I can explain now the light orbs she sees, I want to see if the rest of it can. Hearing the chanting and howling of Native American songs at night? The opening and closing of drawers? Voices from the basement? People walking about that are not there - only to verify, via pictures, of who this person is? Perhaps the reason I never have such an intense collection of happenings around me is because I doubt, question and pick at them. In the end, dismissing them. Only the truly odd do I stash away in my "hmmm" file. Due to the podcast and the intensely skeptic form of analyzing they have, I have a curiosity to go after invisible things in the dark.

Now if I can find a reputable group I can go and do these things, without endangering myself by being alone by myself with nothing but a voice recorder and an EMF reader, it would be fantastic.


Elizabeth Vongvisith July 16, 2009 at 2:03 PM  

Just to play devil's advocate here...a scientific explanation for the floating orbs of light doesn't necessarily negate the possibility that they are connected to the paranormal ;) There's a lot we don't yet understand about the science of such phenomena.

ave mercurii July 27, 2009 at 11:14 PM  

I just noticed this now- I apologize for the delay. I agree with the statement, but there are scientists that have created their own paranormal groups in order to understand the phenomena, the problem lies with the lack of equipment. A lot of them are using Quantum Mechanics with great success. Two of my favorites are David Roundtree and Garrett Husveth, the latter being from the podcast Haunted New Jersey (http://hauntednj.libsyn.com). :)


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